Bamis, aka Brandon Del Corpo, is a Montreal based rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer. Brandon started making music after he was badly injured and couldn’t play basketball anymore, in which he had a bright future. The young artist is, since then, starting to gain a lot of attention due to his unique sound, meticulous lyrics and outstanding live performances. being from Montreal, a francophone city, he is often seen as one of the most talented and rosy anglophone artist of his area, in which he has performed in shows with some of the biggest artists of his province, like souldia, loud, koriass and many more. He has also opened for international artists such as Tech N9ne and Hopsin. Brandon was raised in a tough neighborhood by a single mother, in a music oriented household. He often states that music was always playing around the house.

It was only at the age of 19 that the young artist started making music, in 2015, being influenced by the hip hop culture since a very young age, he chose rap to express his art. Bamis is now at his career peak, with over 1,600 followers on Instagram, along side a lot of Spotify playlist placements and streams. He ended 2019 with over 50,000 streams on the platform. The rapper has his following on the edge of their seats for 2020, after releasing his single “Pipe Down” in January. Fans know the artist has a lot planned for 2020 and are looking forward to the new year.

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